VGA monitor cable

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Specifications: VGA cable in different levels

کابل مانیتور VGA ( عقیق الکتریک ) VGA monitor cable

1- Connecting the graphic output to the display
The most common use of VGA cable is to connect the screen to the computer case. A cable with two VGA connectors, one side of which connects to the monitor port and the other side to the case. When the case and monitor are turned on, the graphics card transmits image and video display signals through the VGA cable. Of course, this cable can also be used in other devices that support VGA port. Connecting a laptop to a video projector, TV, etc. is also one of the uses of the VGA cable. But over time, these HDMI, AV, etc. ports have replaced this port and you will see VGA port in fewer devices.

2- Convert the HDMI port to VGA
But what is the other use of VGA cable? One of your devices may be equipped with a VGA port and the other with an HDMI port. In this way, you cannot use a VGA cable alone to connect these two devices. For example, most TVs are equipped with an HDMI port but not a VGA port. If you want to connect your TV to a device with a VGA port, you need an HDMI to VGA converter to connect your cable to it.

What is the use of VGA cable?

3- VGA splitter
A VGA splitter has one input and two or more VGA outputs, which is capable of connecting one player to two or more displays. For example, when you want to connect one case to three monitors, you should use a 1 to 3 VGA splitter.

4- VGA switch
A VGA switch works the opposite of a VGA splitter. This means that by using a number of VGA cables, you can connect two or more graphics outputs to a monitor and switch between them.

VGA monitor cable

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