Motor Siren

Product type: Air siren for protection systems
Brand: CNTD
Model: CMS-290
Product ID: 69
Technical number: CMS-290
Voltage: 220 volts
made in China

آژیر بادی 220 ولت Motor Siren  آژیر بادی موتوری مدل MS290

MS-290 motorized wind siren

220 V AC (city electricity)
Powerful sound (up to 250 meters)
Suitable for alarm and fire alarm system
Plastic body and metal base
Can be used in external environment
made in China
Has a two-year replacement warranty (warranty)
MS-290 wind siren (motorized) is one of the practical sirens for outdoor areas, which has a sound coverage of up to 250 meters. The wind siren is 220 volts and is connected to the city electricity. This alarm has a gray color, its body is made of plastic and metal base, and it has a two-year warranty (replacement warranty).

Motor Siren

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