ولوم ۱۰کیلواهم ۱۰دور برنس ، ولوم 10 دور 10K اهم اورجینال MEXICO BOURNS

ولوم ۱۰کیلواهم ۱۰دور برنس

Volume 10 kiloohm 10 turns Burns (volume 10 turns 10K ohm original) is a type of variable potentiometer, which is known as volume multitrain 10 kilo 10 turns. One of the advantages of the multi-train volume compared to the normal volume is its high accuracy. Volume ten rounds available in Iran are mostly for the famous Bourns company. The color of bourns potentiometers, volume multitrain is blue. The multitrain volume model is 10 kg 10 rounds by Burns 3590s. The resistance code of the multitrain volume is 10 kilos, volume 103. Metal screws and washers are part of the 10 kilo potentiometer. Blue multitrain volume power is 2w.


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