Metesan open floor steering wheel socket. Metesan open floor steering wheel socket

Model: HDC-HE metesan
Product type: open floor steering wheel socket
Brand: cntd
In three sizes: 6-10-16-24 pins
16 amps
made in China

سوکت فرمان کف باز metesan metesan فروشگاه تخصصی برق عقیق الکتریک

A steering contactor is needed to connect and disconnect the electric current, if you want to control the electric current, you need this device. Now, in these contactors, a device called a contactor or command socket is placed, which is stimulated with a very low voltage and causes the contactor to operate. In simpler terms, it can be acknowledged that using the command socket, we command the contactor to cut off or connect the electric current. They have internal command.

It should be noted that the internal command socket is the socket that we give the command to for special changes and the external command socket is for sending the command to the rest or other equipment. The existence of the command socket in electrical circuits is very important and vital, and if If this part does not exist, none of the desired circuit parts will be used.

One of the most important benefits of the command socket is that by means of them we can make heavy connections and convert high voltages to lower voltages.

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