CNTD Limit switch – A limit switch is a piece of electromechanical equipment that starts working with the presence of a substance or object using mechanical parts. Micro switches are used for limit control, mode control, status display, part counting and others. Limit switches are usually used in industrial settings to detect the presence and proximity or absence of a substance or object. Limit switches that are made in small dimensions are also called microswitches.

میکروسوییچ فشاری قرقره دار CNTD مدل CM-1308 ساخت چین CNTD Limit switch

Types of limit switch applications

Due to their strength, ease of installation and reliable performance in different environments, limit switches have various applications, such as cutting machines, conveyor belts, automatic lathes, cranes and elevators, and generally in most machines that require dimensional movement control. mentioned. Limit switches are mainly used with a control relay, a contactor or as an input in a PLC.

Advantages of using limit switches
Ease of installation, easy use and low price

 It has a body resistant to different environmental conditions

 High accuracy and repeatability

 More current tolerance than other sensors

 Resistant to electrical noise

No leakage current and minimal voltage drop

Simple operation of NO and NC blades

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