Schneider Electric auxiliary contact LADN11

Features of this product

Technical code: LADN11

Contact series: D series

Can be installed on: contactor switch

(Schneider Electric) is a French multinational electrical equipment company, which operates in the field of electrical engineering and the production of electronic and electrical equipment, as well as the production of equipment for the production, distribution and transmission of electrical energy. Schneider Electric was founded in 1836 by Joseph Eugene Schneider and Adolf Schneider. Was established. The headquarters of this company is located in the city of Roi-Melmeson, France, and part of its shares are traded on the Euronext stock market.
Schneider D series contactors are available in 13 ranges for induction motors from 150 amps to 200 amps. Among the advantages of Schneider Electric contactors is the ability to connect auxiliary contacts to them. This feature is used in order to develop the functionality of a contactor and create disconnection and connection commands for a larger number of equipments, which are designed and provided in different ways and according to the needs of the command circuit. The contacts or blades of these auxiliary contacts are related to the disconnection and connection of the contactor. So that the contacts in the normally closed (NC) state are opened when the contactor operates, and the normally open (NO) contacts are closed.

کنتاکت کمکی اشنایدر LADN11 ساخت فرانسه مشخصات : کد فنی: LADN11 کنتاکت کمکی قابل نصب روی کنتاکتور

کنتاکت کمکی اشنایدر LADN11 ساخت : فرانسه
مشخصات : کنتاکت کمکی قابل نصب روی کنتاکتور

ویژگی های این محصول

کد فنی: LADN11

سری کنتاکت: سری D

قابل نصب روی: کلید کنتاکتور

Schneider Electric auxiliary contact LADN11

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